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Your Dog will be Cared for and exercised throughout the day.

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At Dogstar Doggie Playcare, we are committed to providing the best possible care for your dogs. We understand are that these friends are family to you, and that is why we treat them as if they were ours as well!

Our staff are all knowledgeable, kind, compassionate, individuals with one important thing in common; we love dogs! Our experience with dogs is extensive and we believe in consistency, positive reinforcement, respect, and affection.

We endeavour to create an atmosphere that is calm and pleasant while being fun and light. We thoroughly enjoy the relationships we have with the dogs and their owners and it shows on our faces and theirs!

At Dogstar, we accept all dogs from puppy to senior and great to small! We take pride in helping to train your puppies, and we also believe that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! We focus on developing social skills and reinforcing basic good manners. We discourage behaviours such as excessive barking, too much rough play and jumping on people. There are lots of toys to play with, such as balls and tuggies, so they can learn to share as well as commands like 'drop it' and 'leave it'. Good behaviours are rewarded with praise and affection. We have lots of space, inside and outside, so we encourage the dogs to stay active. There are are also couches, beds and quiet spaces when it is time to take a break.

New dogs start off at Dogstar with a 2-hour introduction, free of charge. We separate all of the dogs before bringing in a new one so we don't overwhelm our new friend. Then we begin to do introductions one or two at a time, starting with our 'greeter' dogs. We take it as slow as we need to, to ensure your dog is confident and comfortable. For the first visit, you need to bring proof of shots. ( Rabies, Bordetella, DHPP and puppy shots). Please call us to set up an appointment for an introduction.

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